Dharma – your truth – is incredibly important at MSD. Whether it’s personal dharma, identifying it for a brand, or companies expressing dharma through social impact, MSD relates to all of these. We’ve curated this list of go-to readings for how to bring some of that truth to your daily work life.

Entrepreneur: 5 Easy Ways to Make Philanthropy Part of Your Company Culture

In this piece, our founder Megha discusses some quick fixes on how to incorporate giving back and weaving impact into your company’s DNA. She discusses offering pro-bono services to impact brands, sponsoring volunteer days, creating partnerships, and giving donations as potential solutions. Read more.

Entrepreneur: 7 Lessons for Nonprofit Organizations From the Startup World

In another article by our founder, Megha brings in key insights for nonprofit organizations that she’s gathered from the startup and small business world. Topics like understanding your company’s truth, creating room to pivot, knowing your weaknesses, and hiring great talent are all covered, among others. Check it out.

Inc.: Innovation Inspiration from Nonprofits

Eric Markowitz features nonprofits like Charity:Water and Free Rice as mini case studies for effective user engagement in this Inc. piece. Featuring takeaways like leveraging the power of social influencers and streamlining the payment process, the slideshow is a great one to glance over for tangible insights and organization profiles. Read more.

Fast Company: 10 Ways Today’s Purpose-Driven Brands Can Bring Their Core Values To Life

Fast Company’s article focuses on brands with clear identities and purpose, with some tips and tricks on how to position a company in an era when authentic engagement matters more than ever. Writer Jessica Blotter includes some great thoughts like making customers the celebrity, having a story that transcends technology, and building self-sustaining communities. Take a look.

MindBodyGreen: 15 Questions You Never Ask Yourself (But Probably Should)

The rest of our articles have focused on bringing an impact or meaning to your work, but this MindBodyGreen piece by Shannon Kaiser brings that energy to personal reflection. This list of strategic questions is helpful for those times you need to take a step back and examine yourself. Check it out here.