Couldn’t make it to SXSW this year? Here’s what you missed! Samsung dominated South by Southwest, Austin’s trademark tech, film and entertainment festival this year. With over 86.7 million Twitter impressions and 8,800 mentions, Samsung was the most talked about SXSW sponsor. Here’s what the tech giant did to make their mark at SXSW 2016:

Virtual Reality

At the festival, Samsung hosted a Gear VR (Virtual Reality) Lounge featuring their Entrim 4D Headset. One of the most popular exhibits, the VR Lounge offered an up close experience of a NASCAR Race. VR was a huge hit at SXSW: Sony announced a new VR headset for PlayStation and NASA’s exhibition booth allowed guests to experience the inside of a new spacecraft. Samsung’s Entrim 4D technology enables electric messages to be sent to nerves in the ear through headphones with specialized electrodes. Users feel like they are apart of any given virtual experience in real life, and creates a unique entertainment experience. Entrim is unique because it eliminates the need for 4D motion chairs, and syncs with individual body movements to make you feel like you’re flying!

Hum On!

Samsung also showcased a new app called Hum On! The app uses voice analysis software to transcribe recorded hummed melodies and play it back. Professional singers and amateur hummers alike can use the app, and share their unique melodies on social media. The app is super user-friendly and Samsung is continually trying to improve its voice recognition accuracy.


Waffle is Samsung’s latest social media app that focuses on group collaboration. With a gridded user interface, users can add photos, drawings, and other digital content to a larger mosaic. Joseph Kim, the Creative Leader of the Waffle project, explains how users can add their own point of view to another person’s social media story on this infinitely expanding grid. The app also takes advantage of hashtags and sharing features, as well as likes and comments. We are excited to see the buzz around Waffle after their successful launch at SXSW!

It's impressive to see a brand not only creating hardware products to cater to this very influential audience, but also authentically becoming a part of the culture by developing their own apps to enhance their consumers' experience. We know that brands have taken over SXSW, but other brands should take note - this is how you walk the walk, and not just show face.

Stephanie Yang, MSD Intern