Our founder Megha Desai is on the NPR Generation Listen blog talking about her favorite new podcast, the Hidden Brain.:

I listen to a lot of podcasts – a lot. I like the one’s where I learn something and the ones where I get to explore arenas I know nothing about. Podcasts like This American Life, TED Radio Hour, Reply All, Death, Sex & Money, RadioLab, Invisibilia, and more.

From the moment I heard about this podcast, The Hidden Brain, by NPR Science Correspondent Shankar Vedantam, I have been anticipating its release.

Human behavior is something that as a marketer and as a curious, outgoing person, has always fascinated me. Given the current state of America, and the world really, the idea of exploring how unconscious biases influence people seems more important than ever. How can we understand how the mind works better in order to explain, understand or even rid ourselves of some of the biases that we impose on others. This is one of the main themes that Vedantam seeks to explore in The Hidden Brain –in a surprisingly digestible manner.
— Megha Desai