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In South Asia, the team at Coca-Cola unveiled an incredible vending machine that brings people of the two nations closer together by giving them access to each other and connecting them through gestures, touch and an experience via technology. They called them the “Small World Vending Machines.”

Majority of the people of both countries have instilled pre-conceived negative notions in their minds, of the people of the other country; this has happened due to the political tension, barriers, and communication gap that exists between the two countries. This video and campaign goes above and beyond being just an advertisement and really does a wonderful job of connecting people who think of themselves to be very different from each other but are actually very similar; all they needed to realize this, was an opportunity to communicate.

What’s interesting is that this campaign may actually help achieve the togetherness, humanity and peace, which is the message that it is trying to relay to both countries. In order to put together this campaign, a lot of communication, coordination and sharing of information, thoughts and ideas was required amongst people from both Pakistan and India, which is already showing progress and improvement between their relationship. This video clearly captures the happiness, joy, true emotions and desires of all the people featured in it – be it through the thoughts people share at the beginning of the video or the actual act via the machines or the closing notes where people are expressing what they truly desire.

This campaign has definitely brought a sense of happiness and realization to the community of Pakistan and India, whether it is the people involved with organizing the campaign or the people featured in the video or every single Indian or Pakistani that watched this video. Hopefully this is a minor step towards the big change the people involved with this campaign hope to see and we will continue to see the two communities and countries uniting together further. Through this campaign, Coca-Cola has stayed true to their brand mission – connecting the world in happiness, one Coca-Cola at a time. It’s a smart, and important campaign.