If you’re a small business…or a business starting up…you may feel like marketing your product/service in the shadows of large companies is a daunting feat. According to Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, you are actually the David to the Goliath.

In a speech delivered at National Small Business Week, she highlighted the advantages that small businesses have.

  1. The ability to create a meaningful experience
  2. Everybody knows your name
  3. You know your market
  4. You have a true view of the customer experience

She also gave some tips to increase customers and sales.

  1. Stay connected
  2. Post online
  3. Continue to leave breadcrumbs
  4. Dig deeper into your contacts

Her words ring true. Big businesses have to employ much effort and spend to figure out their consumer’s impressions and interactions with their product/service. Figuring out how to relate to their consumers is overwrought with thinking and strategy…to the point of awkward and disconnected delivery. Small businesses are less likely to come off as contrived, and customers are more welcoming to communication from them.

Be sure to support your favorite small businesses this week…and beyond! There are so many dedicated people out there doing what they love and putting out products and services full of heart. This week of recognition is a thoroughly appropriate excuse to move those awesome goods from your ‘Favorites’ on Etsy to your ‘Shopping Cart.’