We find magic and value in bringing together two brands. Whether it's branded entertainment, product improvement, or for audience growth - this is what we do best.



Let us help you unlock your dharma, your voice, your story. We believe branding isn't just in your logo—but in the very fabric of how you run your company. We can help unlock the essence of your brand + shape the story around that brand—to ensure it has room to grow, evolve and shine. 



Our day-long workshops are custom designed to help you crack open an issue you may be facing in branding, marketing, product design, or audience identification. These are ideal for emerging brands, or brands stuck in a developmental process. They result in actionable solutions. 



MSD has provided over 20 start-ups, and growing brands with valuable advice, insights and connections to help move ideas and products forward. You can hire us for short term or long term advisory. You can ask these guys if we were helpful...