Do you remember that iconic hat Pharrell Williams wore to the 2014 Grammy’s? If you answer yes, you’d most definitely remember that single tweet that simultaneously stirred up and revolutionized social media and pop culture from yours truly, Arby’s.

After silently being around for more than 50 years, Arby’s has newly and successfully established itself as one of the leading brands in its industry. The resurrection of the Arby’s brand all started with the debut of their 2013 “We Have the Meats” marketing campaign targeting towards the multicultural millennial crowd. Not only did this approach spark an immediate buzz and garner much-needed attention towards Arby’s lack of presence, but it really focused on the heart and roots of Arby’s: their juicy meat. This ingenious campaign was the start of their slogan remodeling containing a series of video spots that emphasize on eight different types of quality meat while featuring a perfectly compatible voiceover by the infamous, Ving Rhames. Adding on to the brand reconstruction, Arby’s entirely revamped their website, underlining their vast selection of meats, as well as their interior and exterior design of stores, inviting customers in for a more amiable stay.

Let’s take a step back again to that classic ‘Pharrell X Arby’s moment and grasp how it was crowned and still remains as Arby’s biggest social media win to date! Who knew tweets and meats can go hand in hand? As a matter of fact, Arby’s is incredibly well known for maintaining an active and rapidly growing social presence upon successfully immersing itself into pop culture. Their Twitter account currently owns a staggering number of 519K followers making it quite evident that one of Arby’s successful marketing efforts stems off via Twitter. The witty content within these tweets are consistently humorous, mouth-watering, and just plain awesome. Collectively utilizing customized illustrations, Vine videos, and constant user engagement, Arby’s witty tone never fails to disappoint their followers with a moment of dullness.

Need proof? Here are some visual examples straight from Arby’s Twitter handle (@Arbys):

James Kim, MSD Intern