Now that the New Year has officially started, marketers should be aware of all the upcoming major trends that can help take their marketing strategy to another level. With that being said, If 2015 was the year of video marketing, what kind of movement(s) would potentially thrive in 2016?

Digital=Mobile. It’s a common knowledge that mobile and digital marketing are two separate entities, however, connecting the two concepts as one, will soon modify this perception. In other words, a brand’s marketing strategy should contain both traditional and digital components as well as an obligatory mobile optimization. Whether the brand is targeting an audience within the ages 50-60 group and/or towards a multicultural millennial crowd, it is exceptionally crucial to provide consumers the ease of accessing content through different channels, especially in a digital era like today.

Data. Marketing analytic tools are a common method amongst marketers to help better understand their target market. In fact, these specific tools will significantly develop in the coming year, making it a lot faster and more efficient for marketers to obtain quality data. Based on the data retrieved, marketers will be able to make quicker and wiser tactical decisions for their brand and reach set marketing goals.

Strategy. It’s a given for any brand to cooperatively interact with consumers through different mediums, whether it’s via Twitter or an e-mail, but it’s more than necessary to efficiently and effectively do so. Thus, marketers will soon need to reevaluate and pivot their strategy to make decisions focusing more on their successful tactics rather than improving the failing ones. For instance, in the long run, this alternate change will easily help Brand X maintain consumer relationships allowing their consumers to naturally choose and set X as a go-to brand.

CRM. Lead nurturing has been a great resource for marketers when it comes down to building relationships with potential customers even if they’re not looking to buy a certain product. Thus, CRM, specifically CRM tools, will play a big role in the coming year. These well-developed CRM tools will contain features that provide marketers with a set of elaborate and accurate information regarding where their top leads are coming from. As a result, brands will attain a key advantage to increase sales and from there on, take their marketing to the next level.

James Kim, MSD Intern