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Mobile penetrated, shaped and has been absorbed in all aspects in the marketing world. But, it has also created a space for micro moments, which are real-time, intent-based moments that delve into various touch points of a customer’s journey. For example, if Fred looks at an ad for the new iPhone 6S on the subway on his way to work, and at that moment, performs a Google search, this is considered a micro moment. These real-time, intent-based moments are crucial elements for marketers to consider when looking to reach and drive consumer interactions, especially in this mobile-focused digital marketing landscape.

The essence of a micro moment mainly derives from a consumer’s mobile behavior. The continuously increasing number of Google searches done on a mobile device ultimately allows brands to view micro moments as an “in the moment” opportunity to have their product or service instantly searched. In fact, there are specifically 4 components a micro moment can fulfill:

I-want-to-know moment: a moment when someone wants to search for an answer.
I-want-to-go moment: a moment when someone needs to find a location.
I-want-to-do moment: a moment when someone needs help doing a specific task.
I-want-to-buy moment: a moment when someone wants to make a purchase.

When brands successfully and efficiently provide relevant information based on these moments, customers are more entitled to become satisfied. The moments fulfill intentional yet immediate results that consumers, especially millennials, strive to acquire. As a matter of fact, research shows that consumers are more likely to complete their “in the moment” needs rather than always being loyal to a specific brand or product.

How will micro moments change the future of marketing? Ultimately, this ongoing trend will change the strategies and attitudes of brands to market and sell their products or services. For example, brand marketers will provide easier access to their content and products, which will enable consumers to comfortably search on any given electronic device. As there is a significant growth in intent-based consumers who are constantly searching the web across all devices, it is vital for marketers to fully recognize and address their consumers’ intent in order to “win the moment”.

James Kim, MSD Intern