It’s a marketers dream – a movie made about a character that virtually embodies everything your brand does. A fun loving, playful, womanizing, potty mouth and cheeky Teddy Bear brought to life by non-other than Seth MacFarlane, the genius behind Family Guy. The in-film integration and marketing partnership between Universal/Fuzzy Door’s TED, and Unilever’s AXE brand is a brilliant one. (Full disclosure, MSD’s founder, Megha, worked on the AXE brand for 4 years.) I nearly fell over watching the scene in the film with Ted taking a rather feminine bubble bath, with a bottle of Axe Shampoo on the tub. I loved this irreverent placement – not too forced, but impactful. And the co-branded marketing does a great job embodying both brands. Frankly, I wish they went further with the integration – not just a funny spot but some more sharable bits. But Unilever can be proud of this one! Here is the hilarious spot: