Sir Richard Branson the restless media mogul never ceases to amaze the public. He always leaves us asking the question “what will he do next”?  It’s a fact that the Virgin brand has partnered with countless industries and verticals, but this article asks the question if the Virgin brand may be spreading itself too thin? Critics have claimed that his Virgin brand is unclear and accuse him of spending too much time on new ventures and too little on ensuring that the ones he already has prosper. The Virgin brand has always been flexible – current projects such as Virgin Galactic and Virgin Oceanic, very well may do well. Branson has started a healthy variety of companies under the Virgin umbrella, some of which have failed, some of which have succeeded. But it’s his ambition to solve problems that serves as inspiration to many, and in addition serves as their connection and admiration for the brand.  Branson has made the Virgin name synonymous with adventure, excitement, and entrepreneurship and with that energy comes a loyal following that will always be eager to see where he and the Virgin brand go next. “I am prepared to try anything once.” he has famously said. He is not afraid to take something on, try to make it better and fail. And because that in itself is his brand, we don’t believe that his many projects tarnish his brand.